Volquartsen Ruger Mark IV Accurizing Kit

The Ruger Mark IV is a great handgun but upgrading with the Volquartsen Accurizing Kit makes a world of difference. Crisp, consistent Trigger pull, eliminates the magazine safety disconnect and increases reliability, plus the parts are much better quality.

USCCA Membership Link: https://bit.ly/2IyWzjk

We show complete installation of the kit on Getzone.com but there is an excellent video of the install by Volquartsen at: https://volquartsen.com/videos/37

Step by step Diagram of Install https://volquartsen.com/howto/install_mk4_accurizing_kit

In todays world, ammunition is scarce and expensive so spending a day at the range with 22 LR is much cheaper on the bank account.

Big thanks to Getzone.com for their help and to Volquartsen for sending the Accurizing Kit.

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