Politician Says Second Amendment Wasn’t For Poor & Common People While Passing Strict Gun Control

John F Mckeon NJ A4769

Strict gun control bill A4769 in New Jersey passed following a heated debate in response to the decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen.

While making his case for passing this bill, New Jersey Assemblyman John F McKeon stated, “But I do know, back when the second amendment was made a part of the Bill of rights. That the only only people who had real handguns where real rich people.”

This is a week after he questioned if the lawmakers really wanted the people in the inner cities that were predominantly poor and minority to be able to conceal carry.

Since he made an entire thesis on why the people of NJ shouldn’t be able to carry regardless of the supreme court precedence, I decided to debunk his entire argument.

However, as unconstitutional as this law is the final result was an expected passage, 43 in favor, 29 against, 7 not voting, 1 abstention.

I hope this makes it crystal apparent if it wasn’t already.

These legislators aren’t concerned with your rights or whether the laws they draft make sense.

Only locking up law-abiding folks and turning them into criminals is important to them.

The are elitist!

They aren’t ANTI-Gun


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