Part 2 – Comedian Claims He Defeated Every Argument Against Gun Control

Steve Hofstetter guns

Part two of my video debunking the video, “Defeating every argument against gun control”

In that video, comedian Steve Hofstetter made a video where he claimed he defeated every argument against gun control with a total of 23 points.

I decided to make my video to retort all 23 of those points.

Because the gun debate is far more intricate than a 15-minute video, and there’s so much to unpack, I decided to break my video into five parts.

So, this is part two addressing arguments six through ten.

Argument 6 – The government would confiscate all guns if they could just get away with it is not true. The only laws on the books that enable confiscation are red flag laws. There is absolutely no boogeymen that are going to go house to house to confiscate your guns.

Argument 7 – What guns you have are more than just your own business.

Argument 8 – Registration takes gun purchases from an honor system to an easily trackable crime. Registration makes sure the buyer and the seller are both responsible for following the law instead of hoping they will be.

Argument 9 – Hitler didn’t make people register guns. When he got into power they relaxed the gun laws.

Argument 10 – Criminals won’t follow the law but It is difficult for the average person to buy illegal things without getting caught and gun control would make it more difficult, which is a good thing.

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