Coolest Gun Safe in the World at Taran Tactical Manufacturing Facility

Coolest Gun Safe in the World at Taran Tactical Manufacturing Facility

Welcome to Firearms of America! Today, I have another special episode for you guys from my trip to California in order to visit Taran Tactical range. But before we made it to the range, we were invited to visit Taran’s new manufacturing facility. While we were not allowed to film the production (for obvious reasons), we had an opportunity to check out the most exciting gun safes out there! Loaded with all the Taran Tactical guns that were in John Wick, Terminal List and a few other movies. And just when I though that this safe cannot get any cooler than it already is, I was surprised even more.

In this video, you can also get a sneak peak at the new John Wick 4 gun that you probably have already seen in the trailer and hear a really cool story behind its design.

Here are some of the guns that I had a chance to check out: Taran Tactical STI 2011 JW3 Combat Master, Taran Tacitcal Sand Viper, Taran Tactical Pit Viper, TTi JW2 Glock 34 Combat Master, Taran Tactical Combat Master Alpha, TTi The Terminal List TLG19, TTi JW2 Ultralight Rifle and many more!

Once we were done with checking out all of the TTi guns, it was time for us to hit the range and shoot all of them, but that’s for another episode. Thank you for watching, God bless!

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