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Our current “about us page:” Who is ArmsDirectory?
Our team works in all corners of the firearms industry.  We design firearms and accessories, engineer precision barrels, manufacture holsters, build your favorite brand, sell at the gun counter, import and export and teach classes at your favorite range. We know the business first hand.

Why another online marketplace?
We’re the only 2A-protected social network and marketplace .  Feel free to post your favorite gun pictures, talk prices, find local events, and post videos of your favorite upgrades – all in one place.

Have you ever noticed that our industry either spreads its products across the reaches of the internet – or keeps them squirreled away to be forgotten on your local gun store’s back shelf? Let’s put an end to that – post it on the marketplace and let it be found! This helps to support local gun stores everywhere.

We know that building, maintaining, and growing your online brand on today’s cluttered Internet is a daunting task.  Integrating modern apps, online tools, email accounts, social media profiles, and your website into your business can be an expensive and inefficient use of your valuable time.

To make matters worse, your online social media presence is constantly threatened by Big Tech’s censorship and other nefarious methods of throttling back your reach. This is unacceptable – let’s move forward together.

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